We are thrilled to be bringing back the Christmas Bonus Program in 2020! This program will go from September 5, 2020 through December 11, 2020. You will get the following bonus if you maintain weekly hours as follows:

  • 32 hours and above, you will receive $200.00.
  • 20 to 32 hours, you will receive $100.00.
  • Under 20 hours, you will receive $50.00.

If you have any questions, contact Denise at 724-830-9918 ext. 1001.

If you want to pick up more hours to ensure you get the highest possible bonus, call your scheduler. For Kristi (shift nursing) call 724-830-9918 ext. 1007. For Taylor (home care) call 724-830-9918 ext. 1005.