Dressing & Grooming Tips 1 (2009)

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Dressing and Grooming Tips

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Clothing items help protect the skin and maintain body temperature.

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Electric razors are safe to use with all clients.

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Giving short, simple instructions on how to get dressed can be helpful for a confused client.

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Standard Precautions during the dressing process include wearing gloves:

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Adaptive clothing items make dressing and undressing easier.

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Which of the following shows that you respect your client's rights?

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A client is probably in pain if, while you are helping her dress, she:

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Eyeglasses, dentures, and hairbrushes should all be kept clean and dry as they tend to collect bacteria.

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If your client is weak on one side, it is best to dress the stronger side first.

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You should try to praise your clients as much as possible during the dressing and grooming process.

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