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Fall Risk Factors

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There is nothing you can do to prevent falls caused by age-related or medical risk factors.

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________ and _______ are the most common types of work-related accidents (separate answers with a comma)

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Many older people are admitted to nursing homes because of problems with falling.

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The best shoes for preventing falls are loose slip-ons so the client doesn't have to bend over to put them on.

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Helping a client get some kind of regular exercise is an important way to prevent falls.

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Medical fall risk factors include:

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To report a fall, remember that the "P" in SPLATT stands for:

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Many elderly people keep their falls a secret because they fear becoming dependent on others.

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A client who takes three different medications every day may be at high risk for falling.

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It is important for you to know if your client has a history of falling.

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